Booking an All-Inclusive Vacation Vs. Independent Travel

Soaring Eagle Lodge has taken the complexity out of booking an Alaskan vacation. Many people traveling to Alaska are overwhelmed by the size of our state and being able to fit many activities into a small period of time. With Soaring Eagle, we eliminate the hassle so that you can do it all. Not to mention, the ability to calculate all vacation expenses upfront is often the reason why all-inclusives are a top pick for budget travelers.

Do you want to do some deep sea fishing and also experience the Kenai? Do you want to stay in a Cliffside luxury cabin and also get to explore the small town of Homer with lots of shopping? Do you want to visit Denali and get a taste for America’s largest mountain? You can do all these things and more through Soaring Eagle Lodge.

SEL has a booking coordinator at your deposal, 24/7. Our staff is here to help you plan out your trip and make it everything you’ve ever wanted. We include airfare, car rentals, accommodations, adventure excursions, any of your fish packaging and processing, and more in our packages, so that you do not have to think much about the logistics. 

However, if you’re someone who likes planning, you can work with us to customize your package based on your budget, adventures, dates or anything else that might need to be considered so that your family has the best time and maximizes your budget.

All inclusive vacations are a win for travelers. You get all of the perks and few of the hassles. Let Soaring Eagle Lodge take care of you this summer!