Alaska Luxury
Wilderness Lodge

Soaring Eagle Lodge

Check out the most commonly asked questions and answers to ensure you have the best experience with your adventure at our Alaska luxury wilderness lodge!

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white luxury cottage

Our Alaska luxury wilderness lodge consists of eight uniquely private, oceanfront cottages that are situated on the bluff overlooking Mount Iliamna and Cook Inlet. Your stay with us will be nothing short of incredible with views, manicured landscapes, acres of wildflowers, and Alaska’s exciting wilderness, all while nestled in your own warm and cozy Soaring Eagle cottage.

Our Private Accommodations include the following:

  • Cottage availability: May- September
  • Cottage Sizes: 1, 2, and 3 bedroom cottages
  • Cottage Capacity: Up to 29 guests per week
  • Private Parking On Sight
  • Private Custom Fire Pit Area
  • Private Deck Areas Equipped with Private Grills
  • Full Bedrooms | Full Baths
  • Full Kitchens Including All Appliances
  • Spacious Living Rooms
  • WiFi | Satellite TV
  • Full Laundry Units
  • All Linens and Towels
  • Private On-Sight Manager
  • Personalized Adventure Coordinator
  • Fully Customized Itineraries For Each Day
  • Variety In Adventures at DISCOUNTED RATES
  • Roundtrip Airfare Options
  • 8 -Day Rental Car Availability
  • Food Packages Available
  • Complimentary Welcome Package Included
  • Honeymoon +
  • Anniversary Packages Available
  • All Fish Processing +
  • Packaging + Shipping Boxes
  • Personal Fly Rods + Light Tackle + Hip Boots

As one of the top-rated luxury lodges in Alaska, we’re committed to your satisfaction throughout your entire experience with us.

We have created a comfortable, homey and independent environment for your stay at our Alaska luxury wilderness lodge.

Each cottage contains a variety of additional appliances including an iron, ironing board, blender, hair dryer, and hand mixer.

Your cottage can be configured as two twin beds or one large king size bed at your option prior to arrival.

We look forward to having you stay with us this summer in Alaska! | 907-953-6688