Alaska Flight Seeing Adventure | Things To Do In Alaska

Alaska Flight Seeing Adventure From Start to Finish

To begin, flight seeing of any kind, no matter the location, is a unique experience I would recommend to anyone! There is something special about seeing the world from the sky. Suddenly everything seems to be in slow motion and the hustle of life on the ground becomes beautiful and peaceful from above.

Prior to take off, I hopped up into the seat and put on my own pilot headset, like the ones in the movies!!  At once, the wheels were off the ground and the people below just became specs of dust. As we headed toward Alaska’s breathtaking mountains, I couldn’t help but feel exceptionally small. We then got to fly over icy glaciers- which are stunning! Being surrounded by nature that’s bigger than imagined is an experience one will never forget on this fly out.

For those who want to adventure on this tour, here are a few tips for you all to make the trip the best experience possible!

Alaska Flight Seeing Adventure Prepping:

  • Bring a camera!! You’ll want photos of this adventure to relive the incredible views you will embark upon, but don’t forget to live in the moment with this one. Taking a mental picture is something you will have forever!
  • You might get a little motion sick due to the small environment, but rest assured, the plane will eventually touch the ground! If you are prone to motion sickness, plan to take a remedy the night before to allow it time to set in and then again in the am before you board the plane! Bring some water and a small snack to keep you comfortable if needed.
  • Ask your pilot any questions you might have! Your guide has extensive knowledge about the location and historical findings. There’s no such thing as a dumb question on this tour! It was fun to learn about the history of the location, so take advantage and ask whatever comes to mind!
  • Most importantly, enjoy Alaska to the fullest. Alaska is a bucket list item for many and seeing it by air is even more special. Take in the sights, smells, and sounds around you before they are gone.

This Alaska flight seeing adventure is uniquely special and refreshing for those who love nature! Taking life off the ground and seeing Alaska from another perspective will definitely be the highlight of your Alaskan vacation. For more information on getting your tour set up, contact us today or fill out our build a trip form to receive more information on all Alaskan Adventures we have to offer!


– Soaring Eagle Team