Packing for Your Alaskan Adventure

Alaska highway through mountains

First time visiting Alaska? A question Soaring Eagle Lodge always gets is, what should I pack? That’s a great question—so our team created a packing list just for you!

Our area experiences mild summers and relatively warm winters. In the Summer months, we enjoy long days (up to 20 hours of sunlight!) and a moderate climate that makes the area rich for outdoor activities. Fishing, hiking, and kayaking are favorite summer activities in the area among locals & guests, alike. Winter temperatures remain relatively warm, rarely getting below 20. When thinking of Alaska, it’s always good to remember the term ‘unpredictable’. Rain & wind are pretty typical for the early & later summer weeks. Thinking in layers is smart. Rain gear is a must.

What we recommend packing is: Short Sleeved Shirt, Shorts, Long Sleeved Shirt, Jeans/Slacks, Walking Shoes, Windbreaker or Jacket, Waterproof Shoes, Hoodies

You can also access our packing list here: is a downloadable PDF on this site)