Have an Alaskan Wedding Your Guests Will Never Forget

Anchorage city skyline

Destination weddings often conjure up notions of beach weddings or perhaps mountaintop ceremonies. For a truly unique destination wedding, however, consider luxury lodges in Alaska.

With some of the most awe-inspiring landscapes and wildlife in the world, Alaska is a place of rare beauty. Of the 20 highest peaks in America, fully 17 of them can be found in Alaska. The state is also home to about 70 potentially active volcanoes. This is a place your guests will not forget, whether fro their fishing vacations or luxury lodging vacations.

For your special wedding event in Alaska, consider sightseeing options for your loved ones to experience. All inclusive Alaska vacation packages will include a wide variety of experiences. Popular adventures include glacier helicopter tours and dog sledding. Your guests will not only experience the beauty of your wedding, but they will also experience this otherworldly place and the chance to truly connect with Alaska’s incredible nature. 

Your special wedding event can range from a party of just a few to a large-scale event. Have an intimate ceremony on a glacier, or choose an alpine spot with an extraordinary view of the glaciers from above. Either way, an all inclusive trip to Alaska is going to impress.

Even if you’ve already booked your all inclusive Alaskan lodges, there’s always more to learn about this beautiful state. Your guests can experience dog sledding, driving their own dog team across snowy plains.

All dogsled tour includes a meet and greet with the dogs, with lots of time for pictures. You can stand on the runners and mush your own dog team if you like, or sit back and enjoy the ride.

Guests can also opt to tour Alaska’s glaciers by safe and reliable helicopters, flying over ice towers and landing on glacial ice. You can even get out of the helicopter when you land and, with your experienced guide, explore and learn about melt pools and crevasses.

As certain areas of glaciers are off-limits on foot, touring by helicopter allows you to view places you would otherwise not be able to see. On your flight, you will likely also catch sight of roaming mountain goats and moose, while the summer offers bear sightings.

Now, that is a destination wedding! Are you ready to book your all inclusive Alaska vacation packages?